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Crunchy deep dish cornmeal crust – whole milk mozzarella – fresh tomato sauce on top


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Chicago. It’s a deep dish, upside-down sorta town.

When in doubt, go deep. In the case of pizza, we’re talking as deep as a cake pan, with enough broad-shouldered flavor to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Because more is more, especially on a wind-whipped Midwest day. And just like surviving a Chicago winter, the key to good Chicago pizza is layers. And lots of ‘em.

A buttery wheat and cornmeal dough lays the foundation. From there, things go a bit upside-down: a thick layer of stretchy white mozzarella, toppings in the middle, and a crushed tomato sauce on top. It’s da best.

Frozen Chicago Style Pepperoni Pizza


Sliced Pepperoni – Chopped Pepperoni – Whole Milk Mozzarella – Tomato Sauce – Deep Dish Cornmeal Crust
Frozen Chicago Style Cheese Pizza


Whole Milk Mozzarella – Provolone – Tomato Sauce – Oregano – Deep Dish Cornmeal Crust